2nd place for BEST SATIVA FLOWER High Times Socal Medical Cannabiscup

09 February 2015


We won 2nd place for best sativa flower during the High Times Socal Medical Cannabiscup 2015 with our strain: Loud Berry Flower

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Loud Scout packing the cup

30 April 2014

Loud Scout, winner of the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam Hybrid category is due to be released mid 2014. Loud Seeds has experienced issues with hermaphroditic tendencies in the feminization process which are currently being resolved. Loud Scout, which is GSC x Platinum OG, is our first project using the identical breeding parents of the original to make a feminized version. We reversed our Platinum OG cut and pollinated our Girl Scout Cookie to create a duplicate of cup winning strain in female form.

James Loud on Winning the Cup

30 November 2012

I had a chance to speak with James of California, whose Loud Scout won first place in this year’s Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

JJI want to congratulate, you, James, on your winning the Cannabis Cup this year.

James: Thank you very much, I appreciate that.

JJSo what is Loud Scout?

James: Loud Scout, as far as genetics are concerned, is Girl Scout Cookies x Platinum OG. We have four phenotypes that we’re working with. And, uh, the first phenotype is the one that won the Cup.

JJWhat is the story of this particular strain?

James: We do a lot of genetic work with breeding, we cross things, and this is one of the ones we planned out. We didn’t actually think that was the one that would win the Cup, especially when we got there. I was kinda kicking myself in the ass the whole time, thinking I should’ve entered OG Kush instead of that. At the time I thought, you know, these people, this is what they want, the OG Kush. Truth of the matter is they really liked the Loud Scout. That’s what they wanted.

JJWhen it comes to flavor, does it really teaste like a Girl Scout cookie?

James: Actually, that it doesn’t. It’s called Loud Scout, the Girl Scout Cookies, when you break it up, smells a little like cookies. But as far as it smokes, it’s a really intense high, with the same unique flavor. What people in the Bay Area of California are looking for–there’s a lot of blunt-smokers and it’s great for those guys because it’s flavorful through even the strongest flavored blunt. I feel like that’s why it’s so popular. You go to other places, Girl Scout Cookies is just another strain, but in this area it’s like a prize strain. It’s going for around $4000 per pound, and that’s to dispensaries.

JJIs it a sativa or an indica?

James: Ours is a hybrid, the Loud Scout. Girl Scout Cookies is definitely a hybrid. It’s Cherry Pie x Durban Poison. A strong, heady sativa. It pretty much will give you couch lock and it has a chemical in it called THCV. Now, THCV is known to be psychoactive, to where you could have hallucinations. So we have that crossed with the Girl Scout Cookies, which is the Cherry Pie x Durban Poison. We have that crossed with Platinum OG, which is a yielder. Girl Scout Cookies doesn’t yield very much. You combine it with Platinum OG, you get a high yield. So, I feel like it’s the best of both worlds. I feel it’s an improvement on the Girl Scout Cookies.

JJOf course people want to know, considering your strain won the Cannabis Cup, what is the best way you know how to describe the high you get off of Loud Scout?

James: Well, you have this nice aroma that smells kind of reminiscent of tea, with the Durban on the back-note, and that carries through this creamy smoke. So you get this creamy, delicious smoke on the exhale. Now there are not a lot of strains out there that taste good when you smoke them down to the end of the joint. When you get to the roach, it’s still tasty. We’re going for that. There’s one specific phenotype–well, there’s a lot of factors involved, like the way you grow it and cure it, but these strains actually taste good all the way down to the end.

JJSo what were your statistics measured at the Cannabis Cup?

James: We were rated fourth highest THC level in the whole competition in Amsterdam.. it runs in the twenties. We’ve seen anywhere from 22% – 26% THC typically. That’s the average, but we have an excellent network of growers who basically help me with all of the testing and genetic works. So it is not a one man job. I’ve worked with some of the top growers in Washington state and Northern California.

JJHow old are you? How long have you been growing/breeding?

James: I’m 35 years old. Almost 20 years I’ve been growing, and I’ve been working with stuff in the industry for over 20 years. I was exposed to breeding by a lady called Gypsy when I was 22 years old. She really opened my eyes. It’s been wild ride. A lot of trial and error. You read about stuff that works, and a lot of it does work, but only to a certain degree. And then you find your own way. It’s as simple or as complex as you want to make it. I’ve done other things, you know, with my life. I was a chef and a computer engineer before that. I went to school for computer engineering, but I’ve kind of deviated from that path. But, you’ve got to enjoy what you do for work. It’s all about passion, and I feel like this industry is such a passion-driven industry. There’s some people who are passionate about money, but a lot of the people are passionate about cannabis.

JJOn a more personal note, how does it feel winning the Cup? It must be an amazing feeling for all the hard work you’ve put into it.

James: You always dream of the day you go big. I remember being 17 years old (I’d been reading High Times since I was 14) and telling my friends “Someday I’m going to win a Cannabis Cup,” and them going, “You’re crazy!” But, it’s like, I really did it. It’s freakin’ crazy. Basically, I’m living the dream, man. I’m doing exactly what I want to do. Some people say, “When I grow up, I want to be a firefighter.” Well, guess what? When I was 18 I said I want to grow cannabis, and I’m doing it.

James is trying to release the Loud Scout strain at the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup in June. Several strains are already available, such as Woody’s Grand Daddy Purple and Dementia. The near future will see the release of several other OG hybrid Loud strains.

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